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After School Program

Circles & Cycles invites you to be part of this remarkable community initiative. We’re excited to open our doors and introduce you to our enriching After School Program. Prepare to embark on a fulfilling journey of exploration, creativity and personal growth with us. Your participation in this program promises an exciting endeavor filled with opportunities for learning, connection and inspiration.

Age and schedule

This program is open to all ages and runs from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, offering flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

Enrichment activities


Our program encompasses a range of individual and team sports, allowing students to develop specific skills and attributes.


Children can express themselves through a variety of modern contemporary dance styles through choreography.

Let’s get cooking

Learn the basics of cooking and baking while exploring the world of flavors, methods and cultures through exciting recipes.


Jump, run, balance and enhance your mind and body awareness as you navigate obstacles in your environment and life.


Learn the rules, strategies and express your creativity and critical thinking skills.


Dive into Brazilian Martial Arts and discover its rich history and movements.


Our early childhood soccer program (3 & 4 years) develops gross motor and coordination skills while introducing kids to the sport.


Explore hand-eye coordination skills while learning this sport, which promotes flexibility, agility and a range of physical and mental benefits.

Your child will embark on a journey of holistic development with this program. The focus is to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, self-expression, communication and social skills through group interactions and fun, exploratory activities.

Where exploration knows no bounds.
Admissions Open!