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Meet the team at Circles & Cycles

We are a spirited bunch, each bringing unique experiences and a shared belief in the magic and wonder of the Reggio Emilia approach. With a passion for nurturing young minds, we’re here to create an exciting and imaginative learning journey for your child. Get ready to embark on this adventure with us!

Miss Angela

Hello, I'm Miss Angela, the maestro behind the magical curriculum.

With over 25 years of international experience in music therapy and education across Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, India and Vietnam, I’m committed to fostering collaboration among children, parents, teachers and myself, emphasising differentiation and empowerment.

PS: When i’m not shaping the curriculum, I can often be found immersed in architectural magazines, drawing inspiration for our preschool classrooms and spreading the message of how a learning space can be a true work of art.

Hello, I'm Marissa Mendes, the guiding light in your early childhood journey!

An early childhood educator with 22 years of experience. I’ve had the privilege of working with children in India and Saudi Arabia. My nickname, “Fairy Godmother,” reflects my passion for making kids smile. Inspired by great teachers, I aim to leave a lasting impact on my young learners. At Circles & Cycles, we view each child as the author of their own story, aligning with the Reggio Emilia approach. Together, we create a joyful and safe learning environment.

PS: My passions beyond the classroom of poetry and cooking, inspire me to nurture our little ones’ creativity and growth.

Miss Marissa

Hello, I'm Rachita Kapadia, bringing a burst of energy to our team!

My deep commitment is to create a positive and engaging learning environment. What truly drives me is witnessing those “aha” moments and nurturing a lifelong love for learning in children, inspired by the values of Reggio Emilia.

At Circles & Cycles, we are dedicated to cultivating a space where children learn through hands-on experiences and embrace their unique perspectives, fostering confident and independent thinkers.

PS: My passion for art and sports extends beyond personal interests, as I believe they play an integral role in enriching our students’ educational experience.

Miss Rachita

Hello, I'm Shalu Ganglani, the teacher from Ghana and I'm all about bringing creativity to play!

Growing up, teaching was so traditional and I knew there had to be more exciting ways to learn. So, I embarked on a journey, connecting with fellow educators worldwide and now I bring unique, creative methods to every child’s learning journey. No one-size-fits-all here!

PS: Joining Circles & Cycles is like adding the final stroke to my canvas, as I make the learning journey an artful adventure!

Miss Shalu

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